Virtupreneur | Customized Web Applications
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Customized Web Applications Development

We does customized web application and online system such as Touch Screen Applications, Online Booking, Online Reservation, Online Registration, Event Invitation, Course Sign Up and Payment, Online Membership Management, Online Sharing Platform, and Online Quotation System.

Why Choose Us?

We are experienced with creating both internal and external based web applications. Internal projects include applications that are intended to be used by your business or organization. Examples include inventory management, client billing and invoicing software, and business management suites. External projects include any web based applications that are intended to be utilized by outside visitors to your website.

Types of Applications We Develop and Customize for Your Needs
  • Touch Screen Application at shopping mall, ATM
  • Survey System for Academic Institutions
  • CRM – Customer Relationship Management
  • Course & Event Management for Organisations – support online payment and SMS event reminder service
  • Information Web Portals to capture subscribers information
  • Information Management System for Clinic
  • Online Sharing Appliction – real time sharing important files and discussion topics across various offices globally or locally
  • Membership Management Portal – with simple online registration, renewal & online payment function
  • Online Mobile Quotation System
  • Other type of Customized Applications you want us to develop
Your Benefits
  • Tailor made application and software to suit all business requirements
  • Custom web applications offer great flexibility & functionality
  • Easy to use interface & features
  • Centralized database with faster processing of information hence increase productivity
  • Long term cost-saving advantages